The next meeting of the Highampton Parish Council will be held on:

Wednesday 6th November 2019 at 7.30pm in the Committee Room of the Village Hall.  The agenda will be available in due course on the website and noticeboard.


Garden Waste subscriptions extended to end of March 2020

West Devon Borough Council want to remind residents that there is no need to renew their garden waste subscriptions this October. All existing subscriptions have automatically been extended until the end of March 2020.
The annual subscription service costs £40 per year and one subscription provides four generous, reusable sacks which are collected every fortnight on the same day of the week as your other waste collections.

All subscriptions have been extended to run until March 2020. It is not too late to sign up and enjoy the benefits for the rest of the subscription year – just visit our website.

You can tidy up your garden ready for winter, keep your guttering and drains free from leaves, and we will even collect Christmas trees under six feet in height.
Cllr Caroline Mott, West Devon Borough Council's Lead Member for the Environment, said: “The service presents great value for customers this time of year. I know with autumn coming there will be lots of fallen wet leaves and other bits in my garden as I tidy it for winter. The last thing I want to do is to put them in the boot of my car to take to the tip – as that will just create another job for me and adds to my carbon footprint with the journey.

“Extending the service until next spring means that all of our Garden Waste customers can use the service now throughout the winter at no extra cost. They can also put out their Christmas trees for recycling with their garden waste in January and it will be collected with non-subscribers having to make other arrangements.”

Once your garden waste sacks have been delivered, you simply need to fill them and leave them at the usual point on your next scheduled collection day.

The Council’s contractors have technology inside their vehicles which tells the operators which properties have subscribed to the scheme so no permit is required - just use the supplied green sacks.

Each subscription is for four sacks. An annual cost of £40 will apply for fortnightly collections running until 31 March 2020, excluding the two weeks beginning 23 and 30 December 2019.

For more information about the Garden Waste Service visit:


Devon Air Ambulance Night Landing Site

The Night landing site became fully Operational on Monday 5 Aug 19. Once again, I would like to thank all residents and especially John and Hilary Newcombe who allowed their land to be used for the lighting column. A separate thank you to Toby Russell from the Devon Air Ambulance Trust and MAT Electrics who were instrumental in delivering the actual site. A special mention to Cllr Rose who project managed the site with the contractors and donated the actual cable to assist with keeping costs down.

I am so pleased and proud that this has been achieved so quickly and it demonstrates the spirit of our Village. The site is totally ready for use should the need arise.

Thank you all for your support and generous donations which brought the site to fruition.

Cllr Dawn Rees (Chairman of the Parish council)


Highampton Neighbourhood Plan

Highampton Neighbourhood Planning Group are pleased to announce the publication of the Draft Highampton Neighbourhood Plan.  This is the next consultation stage under Regulation 14 for Neighbour-hood Plans and the consultation will extend from the 1st August 2019 for 6 weeks until the 6th September 2019.
For more information go to the Transparency section of this website.


Devon Ash Dieback

This disease is spreading throughout Devon.  Landowners have a duty to manage trees on their land and take appropriate action to minimise risks to public safety from diseased trees. Find out more and get advice on how to deal with the problem from the Devon Ash Dieback Resilience Forum at: www.